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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Service


If you need help or would like to order by phone, call our Concierge team at (833) 754-0503, everyday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm PT


Our Concierge team is available via email at


ēlicit [ ih-lis-it ]
to draw or bring out or forth; educe; evoke:  
to ēlicit the truth; to ēlicit a response.  

ēlicit Wine Project, is a new innovation and incubation hub dedicated to creating wines that provoke response and emotion. We aim to bring brands and products to life that don’t just respond to current consumer preferences, but anticipate and shape the future of wine. 


There is no additional fee when you subscribe to ēlicit Wine Project. Choose your wines, choose your frequency and the discount based on your bottle quantity will be automatically applied! 

When you subscribe to a shipment of 4-11 bottles, you receive 10% discount on all wine purchase. For maximum discount of 15%, subscribe to a full 12 bottle box! The discount received from your subscription will be applied to all future orders while active.  

Not a problem. You can shop all wine available “a la carte” by shopping here. But don’t forget, if you have an active subscription, you can apply that discount to one-time orders too! 


Shipping wine can be tricky. State laws restrict or prevent shipping wine directly to consumers in some states. We are only able to ship wine purchased over the internet to the states listed in the table below. Deliveries can only be made to physical addresses. We cannot ship to Post Office boxes or APR/FPO addresses. Some states restrict the amount a consumer can have shipped from a winery.

Final local and state taxes will be calculated on email order confirmation once the shipping address is reconciled in our system. 

Visit our Shipping & Service page to see a list of states we can ship to. It includes a summary of the quantities we can ship. If we cannot ship to your state, ask your local retailer to special order for you!